Our hotel provides, among other services:

  • Reception
    open 16 hours a day and available by phone 24 hours a day
  • Luggage Transfer Service
  • Internet access
  • Wake-up Alert Device
  • Breakfast or lunch supplied in suitable containers
    upon request
  • Ability to select different pillows
  • Ability to use a laptop or tablet
  • Use of hotel computer for printing, fax sending, copying and scanning
    at no extra charge
  • Breakfast duration of over 3 hours
  • Early Breakfast
  • Dry cleaning-Laundry-Ironing Service and Turndown Service
    with fresh towels, bed-cover removal, emptying of waste bins
  • Baby cot
    at no extra charge
  • Iron and ironing board
    upon request
  • Kettle and materials for coffee/tea preparation
    in the room
  • Room cleaning
    daily, with fresh towels every day and change of bed linen every other day

For all the services mentioned above and…
For the warm hospitality and all the facilities offered by the openhearted people of Ledra Maleme hotel,
but also…
for the peace of the bright mornings, for the light mood that abounds me, the bright light of the sun by the pool (and of course the treats of Nikos and the amazing traditional specialities of Anastasia!), for the soft relaxing nights of the summer which depend on the mood of each moment.
A special corner in the garden with the moonlight shadowing the palms gives a full satisfaction of senses,combining the sound of nature with the aroma of flowers.
or for the great atmosphere at the bar, with drink or food and… unexpected happenings!
Because in the end, I find peacefulness there, when I seek it, while at the same time I have constant access to the sights and the hectic nightlife of the area.


I can always choose whether I will be by myself or among great friends, in the right place, at the right time.